Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Grandparent’s Day Friday, May 31 and our Giant Quilt

On Friday, May 31 – Grandparent’s Day. As an annual event, Grade 5 students will be inviting their grandparents for lunch and a time of songs and dance.
Grandparents are like a warm and fluffy quilt. They surround and cover us with love and understanding , help protect us, and help us grow strong and wise. To honor them, we are encouraging each student in the school – not just Grade 5 - to purchase a 10” square of fabric and decorate it in any way they can with the names of their grandparents. We will collect all of the pieces and have them sewn together into a giant quilt.
Fabric pieces are available at a cost of $5.00 each. Yes, parents and grandparents can help out with this project - just request that the fabric be sent home. The names of participants will be entered in a draw for a
special gift and a special treat for the winner’s grandparents!